Fixing Holes

Filling a hole with an attic ladder.

Fixing holes isn’t always easy. There’s two ways about doing it the first way is to fill holes something. As you can see here we filled this one with an attic ladder. In fact the whole had a broken latter and we replace the latter so that the client could get into their attic safely.

The other way is to actually fix the drywall by cutting out the damage portion and adding a new piece to that. The trick is getting the plaster feathered in properly and then finally texturing it to match the surrounding drywall. Starting with a flat replacement piece to fill in the hole is critical. So we use a few tricks of the trade to make this happen.

I would show you a photo but it’s really hard to really show the after shot. So let’s imaging… Imagine there is a hole in your wall. A My-2-Do crew arrives, does some hand waving, and … the hole is gone!

We have become experts at doing this at My-2-Do and, in fact, do this on a weekly basis. Matching the texture is the main concern for our clients ad we match several different styles, including: “knock down.” “orange peel,” “cottage style,” and smooth textures on walls. The hard part is actually getting the texture to match so you don’t see the area that was repaired. Our technicians do practice this frequently to stay prepared. To practice, we have built a practice law that we can punch holes into and patch up. We also have the right equipment from spray texture for small jobs to hand pump sprayers and hopper guns for larger areas.

The trick is practice – practice – practice so we do. It’s easy to put a hole in the wall but another thing to patch it up so you never knew it was there.

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