My-2-Do Home

We Get Things Done

Everyone has a list of things they need to get done but never quite have the time.

The team at My-2-Do can fix that…

At My-2-Do, we free up your time so that you can spend it with your family and friends, go to an event, invent the next great thing, or solve world hunger. We get the jobs done that get in the way of making these things happen. You know… the ones you just don’t have time for. We come up with solutions and get it done.

Home Improvement, Repair, and Maintenance

Your time is valuable so don’t waist it trying to find the right professional you can trust. My-2-Do technicians are on time and know what they are doing. We specialize in improving your home so that you can enjoy it. Our technicians are at your home every month and set up a rhythm of taking care of the things you have a hard time getting done on your 2-do list. Check out some of the tasks we see all the time on the side-bar.

Home Prep

This is a big part of My-2-Do where we get your house “sell-ready.” We get in there and take care of the mini-home inspection items that we know a home inspector will find and a buyer might want fixed. We know that coming away from a buyer’s home inspection with no surprises and very few inspection findings says a lot for you as a home owner.

Special Events

There are events in our lives that require extra work and My-2-Do can help. A typical example is getting ready for a party at your home.. We look at what needs to take place and send the proper team of technicians. This might include light repairs to heavy lifting – every event has its own set of challenges.

Special Projects

When a project is bigger that a series of sessions, or needs to be done faster than several months, My-2-Do treats this as a Special Project. We will work directly with you to understand your requirements and match the proper Technicians or professional contractor for the job. This Special Project might be re-flooring a room or painting the house. We love special requests here at My-2-Do because we are your one-stop location for the professionals you need to get the job done.