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We can fix that! My-2-Do Handyman

My List We handle all sorts of tasks:
  • Patch a hole in wall
  • Fix a sprinkler head
  • Re-finish patio chairs
  • Fix a gate
  • Light painting indoor and out
  • Install Xmas lights
  • Repair stucco cracks
  • Fix a shower head
  • Install a dryer
  • Unclog a toilet
  • Re-hang a door
  • Clean out gutters
  • Fix a dripping facet
  • Assembly -- all kinds
What's on your list?...

My-2-Do . . . You Have a List — We Get It Done!

ListWe solve problems at My-2-Do one task at a time. We especially like solving problems on your 2-Do list so that you have more time to do what you want to be doing. My-2-Do is a professional handyman service provider that specializes in being your go-to home repair, maintenance, improvement, and general get-it-done team. Our Technicians are on time, clean, and knowledgeable. Our job is to free up your time so that you can enjoy your family, go to that event, invent the next great idea, or solve world hunger. We get the jobs done that get in the way of making these things happen. You know. . . the ones you don't have time for or really don't know how to handle. We handle all sorts of tasks....