Gate Tamers

Dog gate fitted with Tension cables.

Think of My-2-Do as your resident “Gate Tamers.” It seems every week we are getting request to fix or repair an aging gate. In nearly all cases, we have been able to tune that aging gate up so it works like new again and a new one is not needed.

Most wooden gates are built to work perfectly the first day they are created. That’s nice if it is a little humid and the gate had a chance to soak up a little moisture. But it it’s dry (you know…like Southern California) that gate will work just fine until it soak up a little moisture and expands. At this point, it becomes tight and won’t close properly. No worries, a couple passes of the wood plane will take down that extra wood so it works flawlessly again.

A more common problem occurs years later when the gate has been expanding and contracting. This movement loosens (“worries” them loose – an old engineering term) the
screws and bolts and the gate sags and gets stubborn. I guess we all do that over time. Again, no worries. We go old school and add a tension cable and turn buckle to the gate so it can be tightened and adjusted over time and Violà – its working again.


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