Outdoor Shower Anyone?

Beach Shower using an Odd Space

This was a project at My-2-Do world headquarters where we wanted to practice some out-of-the-box ideas. This is right in the front of the house and was an odd, and unused, part of architecture. Over the years it turned into the de-facto beach shower location as the hose was there and we had a lot of sandy feet. So let’s make it official!

We started by laying out the drain system. The shower drains directly to flower beds in the front yard and saves a LOT of water. In fact, if it is used regularly, I rarely have to water the plants.

Concrete was mixed and poured to form the shower basin. We used about 3 inches of Portland mix and drained it to the middle floor drain. This drain goes to a valve manifold so that I can meter out the right amount of water to the four different gardens. There is a catch box that can be cleaned out periodically to keep the whole system running smoothly.

The privacy fence was created by forming corrugated steel siding over a curved pipe frame. We used galvanized steel so that it would last against the never-ending water spray from showers. This steel was then coated with a copper primer and paint and a chemical patina was added to accelerate the greening tint of copper over years of exposure. This was a new shill set for the My-2-Do crews. They know all about painting but metal working and chemical etching was totally new.

Hot and Cold Running Water!

Inside the shower stall is hot and cold running water. The copper piping was run raw and is starting to take on a patina of its’ own now. This part is pretty straight forward – you know… Red is hot and Blue is cold. All you need to do is turn to you perfect shower temperature. The valve below the cold knob goes to a foot sprayer. Oh right, this was the whole idea of making this shower in the first place!

The stucco was tiled with white subway tiles so bring in some needed light and lake cleaning easy. It’s also a lot easier on your butt as opposed to bumping up against rough stucco.


Oh so good!

An overhead shower was added to give a total immersion feel. It’s tall as well so feels like you are being totally dumped on in a rain shower. Add a towel bar and you are ready to go!

This towel bar is not going anywhere!

Now that’s an awesome space now. My-2-Do crews had the opportunity to hone their skills on metal work, priming and chemical etching, tile work, plumbing, and concrete work.

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