When it Rains – It Leaks!

Ok, it’s the rainy season here in Southern California. That means we have the opportunity to see where the sun had baked all that flexible caulk until it is has dried and cracked. What this means is that the rain now has a pathway to get into the house and say “hello” to us! This is the best case as the rain that doesn’t show up is saturating the wood and drywall out of view. This may take days, weeks, or months to show up as mold, fungus, or mildew on the wall where it all pooled up.

Here’s what we have going right now: Buckets and towels!

The rain has been driven out of the Southwest and sheeting down the sides of our houses. As it does that, it finds a way to get in through the cracked caulking you never knew was a problem. Well, that’s exactly what we have going on right now at My-2-Do World Headquarters. This is a very easy problem to fix and the My-2-Do crews are out helping clients all over South Orange County now. There’s not much we can do while it is raining but once it clears and dries out a bit, My-2-Do crews will be heading out.

We can fix the problem by simply re-caulking with a quality sealant that will keep the rain out. My-2-Do goes at this by cutting the existing caulk out from around the window. Once cut out and cleaned, a new bead of caulk is injected into the gap to fill it and seal the window. Priming and painting are next if needed.

Most caulk will dry out and crack after a few years so it’s a good idea to check it every year. The My-2-Do crews can do that for you if you have taller windows or a two story house – we have some tall ladders of course. Here is what the caulk looks like that is causing this leak.

It doesn’t take much to let a lot of water in when the rain is being driven against the wall and down into the crack. I don’t know about you but I will have one of my crews here once it dries out a bit! Oh and by the way, we are only part way through the rainy season.

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